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Bulk Conventional Soybean Seed for sale High yielding & protein, Maturity 0.8, Germination test 97% by SDSU, Phytophthora root rot score RPS6, IDC score 3.0 Located near Webster SD. 605-265-0015
January 24, 2015

Seed for Sale Certified Spring Wheat - Prosper, Velva, Faller, SY Soren, SY Ingmar Registered Spring Wheat - Prosper Soybeans - Peterson Farms Seed and Dairyland - All Maturities, Roundup and Liberty Corn - Peterson Farm Seed and Dairyland 78 to 100 day Alfalfa - Dairyland - Salt tolerant - Hybrid - Multi Root LaMoure Feed & Seed, Inc. Hwy 13 East P.O. Box 585 LaMoure, ND 58458 701-883-5755 or 1-877-883-5755
January 17, 2015

Wanted: Damaged Grain, Year around, bug damaged, heat damaged Call 605-380-8467 springcreek@drtel.net
January 14, 2015

CLEANED BULK SEED: Spring Wheat Certified RB07, Brick, Advance, Select and Registered Brick. Treatment Available. Easy access to 100'. Certified scale. Permit # SP 16032 Phone Paul 605-850-1806 or Mark 605-437-2963
January 13, 2015

SEED FOR SALE: WHEAT: Registered Elgin, Prevail, Velva Certified Barlow, Brick, Forefront, ND 901, Prosper, Traverse, Velva OATS: Certified Beach, Horsepower FLAX: Registered Omega SOYBEANS: Registered Sheyenne Contact: Werth Seed Farm, Lehr, ND, 701-320-6976, ND#1991, SD #SP-0033
January 8, 2015

Registered and certified Prevail HRSW, certified Advance HRSW, certified SW Midas and Nette 2010 field peas, common 4010 forage peas, forage and grain oat seed, certified CDC Maxim Clearfield red lentils, cover crop and grass seeds of all kinds. On site certified scale. Phone 605-845-6034 Mark Stiegelmeier, Selby, SD. Seed Permit #SP-14020.
January 6, 2015

Cleaned Bulk Seed: REGISTERED Prevail, Advance, Forefront, Select, Brick, spring wheat. CERTIFIED Advance, Forefront, Prosper, Select, Brick, RB07 spring wheat. Convenient State inspected scale. Frey Seed - 605-762-3326, 605-762-3280, 888-350-7704 Mobridge, SD. SP-16011
December 30, 2014

Native Grass Seed We are growers of local origin Big bluestem and Indiangrass with over 20 years of tallgrass prairie experience. Competitive pricing, quantity discount considered. If you are looking to establish quality grassland, give us a call. 612-280-8331 or visit us online at www.bigbluestemprairie.com MN permits 20112985, 20114444, SD permit SP-12683, ND permit 16219
December 23, 2014


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